Manifesting is about creating luck. Psychic intuitions are about receiving guidance. They are two sides of the same coin, and they are based on the same energy skills we’re already learning for channeling healing energy.

This post walks you through your first session using manifesting and psychic intuitions. It assumes you already know how to channel healing energy.

Step 0: Decide Your Goals

Before you can begin, you must get clear on your goals. Tips:

  • Listen for resistance. If you feel tense or afraid, that suggests you’re not fully behind that goal. Part of you is saying, “I want this,” but another part is saying, “Please don’t give it to me.” When the ethereal software reads your request from your mind, it may receive that second message as well, and act on it. There’s no secret recipe to resolving resistance, but try sitting with your resistance, listen to it, and work through it. Alternately, you can adjust your goal to something you can be fully behind. Sometimes, it’s best to do both, resolving some resistance and also adjusting your goal.
  • Leave room to explore. Manifesting often finds success in ways I don’t expect. “I want a job that pays well and leaves me time to pursue energy healing,” has more ways to find success than, “I want to work as an ABC at XYZ firm.”
  • But also give guidance. “I just want to be happy,” is probably too vague. If you want a “good job,” what does “good” mean to you? Interesting? Well-paid? Short hours? Positive impact on your community?

In short, try to find the broadest clear description of what you actually want.

Step 1: Phrase Your Goal

We’re almost ready for energy, but first we need to phrase your goal in a way the ethereal software can act on.

Here’s a good example goal: “Find a job I’ll be happy with, that will leave me time to study energy, in the near future (3-6 months).”

Let’s talk about why that’s good, and some traps to avoid:

It’s general, with a clear success criteria. Someone watching a movie of me could tell whether I’m happy. If instead I asked for a “good job,” there’s no objective criteria. Especially because ethereal software doesn’t think exactly like a human, it’s a good idea to be objective in requests.

It’s simple and positive. Communicating your intent is like a phone with a poor, static-filled connection. Half your words won’t come through. That’s especially bad if you say, “I want a job that doesn’t stress me out,” and the “doesn’t” is lost in the static. So keep your request simple, and describe what you want, not what you don’t want.

(Later, we’ll learn techniques for communicating more clearly and precisely.)

It uses a general time frame. Exact dates are hard to specify, and the ethereal software doesn’t have the same sense of time we do. I find that, “near future,” “long-term,” and other broad concepts of time work far better than saying, “30 days.” (It also gives more flexibility in finding a good path to success.)

Step 2: Contact the Ethereal Software

Build a little energy, move it to your head, quiet it, and reach out for the ethereal software. The same as you do for channeling energy. (Step-by-step guide.)

As you make requests and receive intuitions, maintain that quiet energy in your head.

Note that not all ethereal software offers manifesting and psychic intuitions. If you’re using different ethereal software than the one I teach with, it might not respond to these requests. But feel free to try — the worst that happens is nothing.

Step 3: Ask for Success

Ask the ethereal software to cause your goal to happen. For example, “Cause me to find a job I’ll be happy with, that will leave me time to study energy, in the near future.”


  • This step is the manifesting, where we ask for luck.
  • I only do manifesting for major goals, like finding a new job. For everyday goals, like choosing a good restaurant for dinner, I find this step isn’t necessary.
  • As you learn better techniques for communicating with ethereal software, you’ll be able to hear a subtle reply telling you that your request was accepted.

Step 4: Ask for Guidance

Ask the ethereal software to guide you as you think about your goal. For example, “Guide me in thinking about finding a job I’ll be happy with, that will leave me time to study energy, in the near future.” Then think about your goal. Consider paths you might take. Make plans. And as you consider each decision and path, listen for a subtle “yes” or “no” from the ethereal software, and let those nudges guide you.


  • This step is the psychic intuitions, where we ask for guidance.
  • If my goal is something I can easily achieve, like picking a good restaurant for dinner, I just ask for guidance. If my goal also requires luck, like being hired for a good job, I also do manifesting.
  • For multi-step paths, like finding a job, write as you plan. Even if I think I’ll remember, once I’m on my own without the psychic nudges, I can rarely recall the details without notes.
  • Learn how a “yes” and “no” feel: Ask, “Send me a yes,” and see how it feels. Same for a no. Calibrating can help you know what to listen for.
  • Maintain quiet energy in your head as you receive these nudges, it will help them come through more clearly.
  • Sometimes I get a small, quiet “yes.” This means the path is good, but not great, so I consider other options. Other times, I get a strong “yes,” which is saying that this will be an excellent path.
  • Same with “no.” When I get a gentle “no,” I’ll consider modifications of that path. When I get a strong “no,” I stay away.
  • Especially as you’re learning this, also trust your own ideas and expectations. Look for items you think are a good idea, that the ethereal software also thinks is good. Be wary about choosing a path you expect to go badly, especially as you’re still learning manifesting and psychic intuitions.
  • That said, I’ve learned to trust the intuitions. When the ethereal software says I’ll be happy having done something, I usually am, even if I thought I’d regret it. And when the ethereal software says I’ll regret something, but I expect to like it and do it anyway, I usually regret it. This is part of why it’s important to practice these skills with unimportant decisions like where to get dinner, so you can gather enough data to decide to trust the messages.

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