In August, I taught my first online energy class. Since then, I’ve taught three Energy Dojos, three 8-hour classes in my year-long, and nearly 20 hours of private lessons and labs.

Next month, I’m teaching a new, improved Energy Dojo Online. Here’s what has changed from teaching another 50 hours of energy classes.

Science of Energy Healing

This has become part of my intro: “People sometimes wonder if energy even exists. Three decades of great peer-reviewed research suggest that, not only does it exist, but it affects humans, animals, plants, cells in a Petri dish, and even inanimate matter.”

When I began Healing Lab, that research helped me overcome my doubts and find the confidence to move from hobbyist to professional. I love discussing it. And it turns out, students love it, too.

This class, I’ll have a dedicated time for discussing research, and a syllabus prepared.

Detailed Guidance

At the start of this year, teaching was troubleshooting. I’d long since forgotten the problems that come up when first learning energy, so I needed students to find problems, ask me, then I’d think through a solution. It was a lot of effort, and it wasn’t consistent — if no one asked the question, I didn’t cover the topic.

In the past months, and especially in the year-long class, I’ve learned what issues students run into. One of my students is working as my assistant, and has been amazing at cataloging the questions that come up and my answers. And my students are answering each other’s questions, adding more perspectives and often better answers than I have.

I’ve been incorporating all those insights into my meditation and game demo, and students are excited, learning more and faster than before.

In the past two weeks, I’ve begun turning Energy Dojo into a 20-30 page book. As I rewrite my old energy meditation and game instructions, I’m adding those tips and answers. I explain that, when sending energy, you should focus on your partner’s hand (not your own). I say that, when receiveng energy, it will be tempting to reach out for your partner, but don’t, just quiet your energy instead. And so much more.

In an online class, it’s harder to ask questions and ferret out problems. I’m so excited to bring this more detailed instruction to the online class.

No Partner Needed

Energy Dojo is about a new way to practice: Energy games that give objective results. They show us when our energy is working, and when it isn’t, so we can learn and improve.

For example: Blindfold your partner and send energy to one of their hands. Don’t tell them which one, and don’t touch them. Using only your energy, get them to feel it.

We play that games in the in-person Energy Dojo. For my first online class, I wanted students to sign up in pairs, so everyone could play the game during the class.

This time, no partner is necessary. I hope this makes is easier for solo practitioners to join the class. I spent so much of my life without an energy community. I know how isolating that can be, and I want to offer something for everyone, including solo practitioners.

This time, we’ll do the energy meditation, then I’ll teach the game, but we won’t play it during the class. Instead, I’ll get you prepared to play it with friends later, whether that’s right after class, later in the day, or at some point in the future when you connect with a community. Whichever case applies to you, you’ll get all the details about how to do the techniques, and all the insights I’ve built up from teaching these games for the past years.


Energy Dojo Online is Saturday, December 15, 1-3pm Pacific time.

Details, registration, and how to get a free ticket: See the event posting and RSVP on Facebook.

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