We’re in month three of my one-year roadmap for learning energy.

The roadmap is the syllabus for my year-long course. It’s also a self-study guide to walk you through learning to observe and use energy.

This month we’ll cover:

  • Flow of a healing session (logistics and “bedside manner”)
  • Using multiple sensory connections to follow an energy pathway.
  • Tracing a connection back to the person / spirit who made it.
  • Finding the ethereal software you use, and what your friends use.
  • Safety: Finding, blocking, and removing connections.

Each month, as I prepare to teach the class, I’ll assemble posts on those topics. And each month, I’ll post the links so you can read about the techniques, practice them on your own, and explore at your own pace.

Flow of a healing session – No post yet.

Following an energy pathway:

http://www.magickofthought.com/2016/06/the-technique-i-use-for-sensing-energy/ Midway down, look for the picture of the bridge.

http://www.magickofthought.com/2011/03/finding-where-mind-meets-body/ From my second year blogging, while I was still figuring out how to explain all this. Expect a re-write soon.

Tracing a connection back to the person / spirit who made it, finding the ethereal software you use, and what your friends use – No specific post, but a direct application of tracing a connection.

Finding, blocking, and removing connections:

Some of the reasoning behind closing connections rather than making a bubble: http://www.magickofthought.com/2010/06/shielding-yourself-the-right-way-for-beginners/

Another write-up of the technique: http://www.magickofthought.com/2016/12/energy-shielding-keeping-the-third-eye-closed/

4-part series from my early days blogging. Less well-written than I’d like, but quite thorough: http://www.magickofthought.com/2011/10/effective-magickal-shielding-part-1-of-4/

Notes from coaching Lisa: http://www.magickofthought.com/2012/08/coaching-lisa-on-shielding/

Advanced notes for blocking connections that are made through touch: http://www.magickofthought.com/2012/10/magickal-shielding-for-physical-contact/


  1. Mike October 27, 2018 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    Posts to write:
    – Following an energy pathway (step by step)
    – Applying it to find ethereal software
    – Finding and removing connections
    – Flow of a healing session
    – Bedside manner tips

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