Listening to the energy in another person’s body is key to energy healing. We can do that by making a sensory connection.

Think of sensory connections like glasses, to let you observe energy.

This guide walks you through making a single sensory connection: A stable, quiet sensory connection that can feel energy signatures. For now, we’ll feel the energy in your own body. Later, we’ll feel the energy in others, the pathways that energy follows, and much more.

As you learn this technique, some of the steps may be new to you. Don’t try to learn them all at once. Instead, take the first step that’s new to you, practice it until its comfortable (often for a few days or a week), then continue. So if steps 3 and 5 were new, you’d practice steps 1-3 for a week, then when that becomes comfortable, practice 1-5 until it’s comfortable, then practice the whole technique.

Making Your First Sensory Connection, Step by Step

  1. Create a flow of energy

Build energy in your body. Rest your hand on your leg and move your energy in a circuit, down your arm and out your hand, into your leg and back to your torso. Keep the energy moving this way. More on building and moving energy.

  1. Make a connection

Keep the energy flowing as you slowly move your hand 1-3 inches away from your leg. When it works, you’ll continue feeling the energy move from your hand to your leg, and back up to your torso in the circuit. (At more than 3-6 inches, the connection changes. For now, let’s keep things simple by keeping your hand within 3 inches of your leg.)

  1. Visualize the connection

Visualize a conduit carrying the energy from your hand to your leg. This could be a wire, a glass tube, or whatever makes sense with how you visualize energy. Pick a visualization where you can see the energy traveling through it. Think about how the energy and the conduit are two separate things.

  1. Stop the Energy, Keep the Connection

Keep the connection stable and steady as you visualize the energy flow stopping. Stop the whole energy circuit, from torso to hand to leg back to torso. Try starting the circuit again — if you were successful in maintaining the connection, the energy will flow easily. Then turn the energy flow off again before going to the next step.

  1. Quiet the Connection

The conduit still has its own energy. Just like we quiet the energy in our hands when we listen for our partner’s energy, we’re going to quiet the energy in the connection to sense the energy of tissue in the body. Start by quieting energy in your body. Notice how it feels. Now use the same visualization to quiet the conduit, and notice how that feels.

  1. Observe Your Energy

Imagine the conduit extending into your skin, a fraction of an inch into your leg. Notice the energy. Extend it an inch deeper, into your muscle. Notice that energy, and how it’s different from your skin. Start feeling the energy of different tissue in your body, and learning how that energy feels.

Later, we’ll learn a faster way to make a sensory connection (without steps 1-4). We’ll use many sensory connections to map the energy in the body. And we’ll explore the ethereal structures that make energy work. But don’t rush it. For now, focus on doing the technique slowly and correctly, and let the speed come naturally with practice.

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