The easiest way to provide healing energy is to channel it from ethereal software.

What is ethereal software? It’s the source of the healing energy. In other traditions, it would be called a matrix, an egregore, a collective (or collective unconscious), or The Universe. Ethereal software is a tool: A stable, lasting structure made of energy that connects to the mind. More info

This post walks you through using the ethereal software I use with my students to channel healing energy designed to help with pain, inflammation, and anxiety. But the steps and techniques are a general approach you can apply to any ethereal software you use.

As with learning any technique, some of the steps may be new to you. Don’t try to learn them all at once. Instead, take the first step that’s new to you, practice it until its comfortable (often for a few days or a week), then continue. So if steps 2 and 3 were new, you’d practice steps 1-2 for a week, then when that becomes comfortable, practice 1-3 until it’s comfortable, then practice the whole technique.

1. Energize Your Mind

As you focus on your request / intent, the nerves in your brain will fire, producing an energy signature. That signature is your message. The ethereal software will sense that energy signature to read your intent. But if other tissue (other nerves, bone, skin, etc) absorb that energy, the message can be lost.

To prevent that, we want to saturate the tissue with energy before creating the message. To do that, build energy in your body, move a small amount to your head, and quiet that energy. Quieting it is essential — any changes to that energy will create noise for the ethereal software, like static on a phone call. (Steps for building and quieting energy.)

2. Engage Your Mind

The ethereal software will want to read the signature of just part of your brain. In this step, we’ll find that part and engage its energy.

Think about an experience when the ethereal software connected to you, whether that’s the first time you encountered it during a class, the sensation of receiving an intuition, or something else. Notice where in your head you felt the energy, where in your thoughts the energy shows up, and how it feels. Think about engaging those part of your mind. Try to keep them engaged as you work with the ethereal software.

3. Engage the Ethereal Software

Still thinking about your experience of the ethereal software connecting to you, think about reaching out for the ethereal software. If you’ve named the ethereal software you use, think about that name.

Steps 1-3 apply to any ethereal software. The next two steps apply to the ethereal software I train my students to use. If you use other ethereal software, these steps might be different for you.

4. Put Hands Around the Injury

Locate the area on the person’s body where the healing energy is needed. Place (or hover) your hands on either side of that area, to define the edges of where you would like the energy.

5. Begin channeling the energy

Engaging your mind as in step 2, ask, “Send healing energy to the tissue between my hands.” If you want it to last a few days, ask, “Make the energy stable and ongoing.” Spend a minute feeling this energy flowing.

Repeat steps 4-5 to define all three dimensions of the area you want the healing energy to flow to. For example, when working with a knee, place your hands on both the sides of the knee, then on the kneecap and hamstrings, then above and below the knee, to define a box in three dimensions where you want the healing energy.

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