One-Year Roadmap – Month Two: Manifesting, Psychic Intuitions, Sensory Connections

We’re in month two of my one-year roadmap for learning energy.

The roadmap is the syllabus for my year-long course. It’s also a self-study guide to walk you through learning to observe and use energy.

Each month, as I prepare to teach the class, I’ll assemble posts on those topics. And each month, I’ll post the links so you can read about the techniques, practice them on your own, and explore at your own pace.

It turns out, I had crammed about two month’s worth of content into my month one plan. Here’s what we’ll cover in month two:

  • Manifesting and psychic intuitions.
  • How to observe energy.
  • How to make a single sensory connection.
  • Games with sensory connections, sensing partner’s energy.

Notes on manifesting from my old blog:

How to observe energy:

How to make a single sensory connection

Games with sensory connections, sensing partner’s energy: Post coming soon.

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