I’ve been teaching energy since 2009, teaching regularly since 2016. This weekend was my first online energy class. Here’s what I learned.

Solo exercises are fine. Planning for the class, I’d really wanted to include the same interactive games as my in-person class. But the people who signed up weren’t in the same city. We couldn’t play games. Instead, I focused on solo exercises like this energy meditation, and the class went great.

Q+A is important. Attendees asked many excellent questions, got us on fun tangents about the science of energy, techniques for psychic intuitions, and how to use energy in a counseling / therapy setting. It was great. One of my questions going in was, “Why would someone sign up for a class when they can read my blog for free?” And I think Q+A is a big part of the answer.

Science is big. I talked about the current scientific research into energy healing, how it’s way beyond case studies and now includes placebo-controlled trials, cell culture studies, plant studies, even experiments with inanimate matter, all showing impressive results. People loved it. I’m going to talk about that research more often, and start writing about it too.

A question for you. I’m curious about who is reading my work, and how to make classes that will work for you.

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