How do you get beyond the basics with energy?

I’m organizing my year-long course, starting with the very basics and progressing to some deep exploration of energy. It’s not everything I know, not even close, but it’s more than I’ve shared before, and more than I’ve seen taught elsewhere.

Studying on your own? You can use this syllabus as a roadmap for exploring energy.

I’ll post about some of these topics as I teach. And next year, I’ll be releasing a book using this syllabus as the outline.

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Month 1: Channeling Healing Energy

Communicating with energetic forces: Hold quiet energy in your head, engage the right part of your mind to send and receive.

Connecting to the energetic force I use in my healing practice.

How to channel healing energy.

How to awaken your ethereal muscles.

How to ask for luck and guidance.

Planning your daily energy practice.

Month 2: Manifesting and Psychic Intuitions

Using Month 1’s energetic force for luck (manifesting) and guidance (psychic intuitions).

How to observe energy.

How to make a single sensory connection.

Games with sensory connections, sensing partner’s energy.

Month 3 was practicing with sensory connections.

Month 4: Following Energy Pathways

Flow of a healing session (logistics and “bedside manner”)

Using multiple sensory connections to follow an energy pathway.

Tracing a connection back to the person / spirit who made it.

Finding the ethereal software you use, and what your friends use.

Safety: Finding, blocking, and removing connections.

Month 5: Discerning Energy Signatures

Discerning the signature of energy.

Game for discerning energy signatures.

Mental posture to engage our ethereal muscles.

Business: Answering, “What is energy?” And, “How is this system different from others?”

Month 6: Discerning Energy Signatures with a Sensory Connection

Using a sensory connection to read energy inside the body.

Recognizing the energy of different tissue inside the body. (Muscle, nerves, ones that are easy to find.)

Recognizing the energy of a brain when stressed vs relaxed.

Matching energy: Building energy in a specific energy signature.

Practicum: Working with the energy of stress in the brain. (Part of working with sleep and insomnia.)

Business: Elevator pitch

Month 7: Exploring the Body with a Network of Sensory Connections

Using a network of sensory connections to explore the body’s energy.

Recognizing the energy of different tissues in the body. (Cartilage, tendon, ligament, ones that are harder to find.)

Recognizing the energy of inflamed vs healthy tissue.

Targeting energy to the tissue that needs it.

(How this moves us beyond visualization)

Business: Initial consultation call

Month 8: Clearer Communication

Engaging the ethereal muscle for communication.

Reading a message into your thoughts.

Clearer manifesting and psychic intuitions.

Business: Legal side of healing practice.

Month 9: Mapping the Energy Body

Extending a sensory connection through fruit, feeling the layers.

Extending a sensory connection through the knee, feeling the tissues.

Enunciating as you send a message.

Using the training module of the ethereal software.

Business: Science to cite.

Month 10 possible topics

Channeling various special-purpose healing energies.

Targeting healing energy using sensory connections.

Discerning where to use which energy.

Sustaining a message in your mind.

Introduction to the spirits I call on for healing work.

Games with communication with spirits.

Practicum: Collaborating with spirits in healing sessions.

We’ll also cover any topics we skipped, along with additional topics students want to explore.

Topics for Year 2

Awakening Ethereal Muscles

The parts of the mind that drive energy: Finding your ethereal muscles

Identifying and mapping your ethereal muscles.

Finding dormant and atrophied ethereal muscles.

Awakening and strengthening your ethereal muscles.

Deeper Energy Healing

Making finer, more precise sensory connections.

From energy to structure: Finding deeper layers of the energy body.

Sinking healing energy into deeper layers of the energy body.

This year-long professional training starts September 1. Register here.

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