Energy Dojo Online is next Saturday, August 18. Space is limited. Register here.

Here’s a game: Blindfold your partner and send energy to one of their hands. Don’t tell them which one, and don’t touch them. Using only your energy, get them to feel it.

That’s one of the main games we play in my in-person class, Energy Dojo. Why? Because for novices — for everyone, really — it’s profound to see your energy work without the aid of expectation and suggestion.

But beyond that: We improve what we measure. These games measure our results with building, directing, and discerning energy. By improving those core skills, we get bigger, more reliable results in healing, manifesting, tantra, and more.

I’ve learned so much from playing and teaching these games. And for months I’ve been thinking about how to share them with readers in other states, countries, and continents.

I thought about playing these games at distance. I do healing sessions over video call, so why not these games? Students would send each other energy by focusing on their image and voice.

Except, distance sessions are harder than in-person. Finding the right part of the client’s body takes effort. At distance, it takes skill to just establish a solid connection. Sending energy over distance isn’t beginner-friendly.

Other classes teach beginners to send energy at distance. Why can’t I? Simple: In this class, the energy has to work without the aid of expectation and suggestion. You’ll know if it doesn’t work. That’s the whole point of the games.

I thought about removing the games, letting the class just be lecture, guided meditation, and coaching as you practice on your own. But I felt uninspired. Why bother? I can deliver that through blog posts, videos, and podcasts. I didn’t want to teach a class just to teach a class — I wanted to guide you through the experience of knowing your energy is working.

I realized, to experience energy — to know you’re experiencing energy, not imagining it — you need to practice a friend.

So that’s the plan for Energy Dojo Online: Sign up with a friend. On the day of the class, you and your friend get together and dial in to a video call. I’ll teach the techniques and games, and you and your friend play with energy.

What if you don’t know anyone who’s skilled with energy? That’s fine. The in-person class is beginner-friendly, and the online class will be too. I’ll teach everything they need to play the games and begin exploring energy.

What if you’re not truly alone in exploring energy, like I was for years, not sharing this passion with anyone? Visit your local new age or occult store. Go to a meetup, pagan event, OTO mass, etc. Make friends. I became much happier once I found community, and you probably will too. And next time I teach this class, invite them to join you.

(Really dedicated to solo practice? You can still sign up. Just realize that some exercises won’t work solo.)

And for anyone active in your local energy community: Want an Energy Dojo class for your community? Email me. We can set up a tele-class, with me on video and everyone else in the room of your local energy bookstore or temple.

Energy Dojo Online is next Saturday, August 18, 1-3pm Pacific time. For this first one, I’m limiting space to 10 students, so sign up quick if you’re interested.

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