In this interview, I discuss energy healing, how I experience energy, why energy healing will drive the next century of science and technology, and more.

The program is Sexploration with Monika. Monika is one of the friends who inspired me to start Healing Lab, and I’ve worked with her around multiple sclerosis and insomnia for years. As someone who has experienced energy, but doesn’t practice it herself, she has a great perspective for asking introductory questions. I loved talking with her, and I hope you enjoy the interview.

(I’m the first hour. Another guest, unrelated to energy, comes after me.)

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New Online Class

I’m teaching my first online class next month!

The class is Energy Dojo: Games for Energy Mastery. You and a friend will explore energy together, with me guiding you every step of the way.

Energy Dojo is for everyone, from novice to adept, who’s serious about improving and mastering their energy.

For novices: Learn to build, feel, send, block, and release energy — everything you need to get started using energy effectively and safely.

For experienced energy workers: We improve what we measure. By measuring objective results, these games help you master every aspect of your energy fundamentals, so you can get bigger, more reliable results in healing, manifesting, tantra, and more.

Full event description.

For the online version, you’ll sign up with a friend. I’ll lead the exercises over video call, and you’ll practice in person with your friend.

When: Saturday, August 18, 1-3pm Pacific time.

Cost: $20 (Get extras when you sign up with Patreon.)

More details coming soon.


  1. Todd Manard January 20, 2023 at 10:33 am - Reply

    Hey Mike, just wanted to shout out a quick well done to you. I was browsing through Internet doing Google search trying to find anything realistic about interacting with spirit because for-quite sometime I’ve been able to see them quite well, some better than others,i.e. A movement in my periphery will attract my attention and I definitely see a being(s) animated and appearing to be trying to get my attention, generally human like, dressed in regular clothing but often times my vision is limited to the torso area because I have to contort my eyes to get best perception and this limitsz the range of my peripheral, which as with alot of people is not our normal focus as we tend to be more like spotlighters than floodlighters. often times they want to communicate with me but I can’t hear them. Sometimes when they notice that I am noticing them they become greatly excited and or agitated. I’ve been interacting with this for years but I don’t know who these folks are until I’ve been a little bit confident in the area of trust.
    That’s not really why I’m writing I’m writing you though. This evening I had mentioned of your old blog material and some of your new job looking for some answers which I got a few not bad. Based on you physical look, the hair and the goatee…And my general distaste for the “namaste”, new age, yoga pants, “Just be positive” moneyed, Professional, Marin County co.aging, hipsters (I lived at Harbin Hot Springs in the 90s for a while), I kinda thought you might be one of them. But I listened to you on the the radio program for Monica with the rock ‘n’ roll nurse and I have to say I was really impressed, you represent energy work well. I came away with a greater respect for that field Because it sounds like you know what you’re talking about and were able to explain it quite well… Even though I understand that trying to explain nature ( the source, cosmos, God, the yin, the void, etc.) in a Conceptual language is almost impossible, just wanted to let you know that I thought you did a very good job attempting to do so.👏. Do you think you can offer me any insight into this Communicating with spirit thing. I wouldn’t ask it’ s just that it seems so very very important to them, I feel like I’m letting them down and of course I’m curious as to what they might want to talk about. I know you said that you don’t see but you hear spirit Well I do and I got a buddy who can hear them but he’s really not willing to do it very often. I feel like it could be impotant, not just for myself….
    If I hear back from you that’s great and if I don’t that’s fine too. I wish you the best, well done my friend. Keep up the good Work.
    Todd 😎

    • Mike January 25, 2023 at 10:54 am - Reply

      Thank you! For communicating with spirits (I call them “ethereal beings” now), the techniques are the same as for communicating with ethereal software. Start with quieting the energy in your head (I’m doing posts about quieting your energy this month). Then my posts on communication should help Good luck!

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