In this interview, I discuss energy healing, how I experience energy, why energy healing will drive the next century of science and technology, and more.

The program is Sexploration with Monika. Monika is one of the friends who inspired me to start Healing Lab, and I’ve worked with her around multiple sclerosis and insomnia for years. As someone who has experienced energy, but doesn’t practice it herself, she has a great perspective for asking introductory questions. I loved talking with her, and I hope you enjoy the interview.

(I’m the first hour. Another guest, unrelated to energy, comes after me.)

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New Online Class

I’m teaching my first online class next month!

The class is Energy Dojo: Games for Energy Mastery. You and a friend will explore energy together, with me guiding you every step of the way.

Energy Dojo is for everyone, from novice to adept, who’s serious about improving and mastering their energy.

For novices: Learn to build, feel, send, block, and release energy — everything you need to get started using energy effectively and safely.

For experienced energy workers: We improve what we measure. By measuring objective results, these games help you master every aspect of your energy fundamentals, so you can get bigger, more reliable results in healing, manifesting, tantra, and more.

Full event description.

For the online version, you’ll sign up with a friend. I’ll lead the exercises over video call, and you’ll practice in person with your friend.

When: Saturday, August 18, 1-3pm Pacific time.

Cost: $20 (Get extras when you sign up with Patreon.)

More details coming soon.