How do you build, guide, and use energy? Often, the default is visualization. It’s easy to learn, easy to teach, and it works.

But I don’t use visualization myself. I don’t recommend it to students, except beginners.

Here’s why, what I use instead, and how it can let you explore a deeper world of energy.

How Visualization Works

Visualization is a technique for sending your intent to your unconscious. You visualize what you want to happen, and let your unconscious handle the details.

Your unconscious is like a personal assistant, and you’re sending them a memo.

I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with (or as) an assistant, but here’s what I find:

  • Some tasks they know how to do, perform well, and the memo works great.
  • Other tasks they do OK, but need some guidance midway through.
  • And some tasks require detailed instruction and ongoing guidance.

Same with visualization for energy. Some tasks the unconscious does well. Others it can do, but benefits from guidance. And some require detailed instruction and guidance through each step of the process.

Here’s the thing: When visualization is a person’s only tool, they aren’t able to provide that ongoing guidance. Often, they’re not aware that it’s even a possibility. And so, this whole world of energy techniques goes completely unnoticed.

Beyond Visualization: Consciously Guiding Ethereal Muscles

When you reach out to pick up an object, you watch the object, adjust the angle and position of your hand, and continuously guide the process. You’re not consciously aware of each decision, but if you close your eyes, you will have much less success at picking up objects.

When I do a healing session, I watch the energy of the person’s muscle, cartilage, nerves, organs, or whichever tissues I’m working with. I adjust the healing energy I’m using, and guide it to the right location and depth in their energy field. I consciously guide the process.

This conscious guidance is what I use instead of visualization. To do it, I use two important techniques:

Sensory connections: A set of techniques for observing energy in detail. I discuss my experience of observing energy here, and I’ll discuss the technique and how to learn it in the coming weeks.

Conscious awareness of ethereal muscles: This started as simple awareness of my energy and connections. Then, as I learned to more fully awaken my ethereal muscles, I also learned to change how they connected to my brain to become more fully aware of them. This is more advanced, but I’ll cover it in future classes and books.

You can start consciously guiding your energy right now. Take any simple skill, for example, moving energy from your torso to your arm. Slow it down. Notice what you feel in your body as you do it. Notice what you feel in your [i]mind as you do it. Listen to how your energy works, and let yourself become aware of each step. Over the course of a few sessions, you’ll notice more and more of what happens as you move energy in your body. And that awareness show you ways of moving energy better, smoother, more reliably.

The goal isn’t to always be consciously aware of each action you take with energy. Instead, it’s to train your mind in new motions with energy, practice them until they’re comfortable, and then be able to call on them any time you want.

Think of it like larning to type: When I started touch typing, I consciously thought about which finger should press the key. I learned the home row first, then other keys, and eventually the full keyboard. Once I had the technique down, I practiced as I used the computer, and over time it became unconscious and automatic

Before all that practice, if I had visualized touch typing, nothing would have happened. My unconscious mind didn’t know how to touch type. I had to train it.

Same with energy: Eventually, those new techniques will become unconscious and automatic. But first, you have to teach your unconscious.

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