Stronger energy leads to better results in energy healing, tantra, manifesting, and more. In energy, as in sports, music, and most other skills, the key is to improve your fundamentals.

How do we improve? The secret is simple: We improve what we measure. If your exercises measure energy, you’ll improve energy. If they measure something else, you’ll improve something else. Simple.

Here’s a game we play at Energy Dojo designed specifically to measure energy:

Partner up. Choose who sends and who receives. (You’ll switch roles soon.)

Learn your partner’s energy. With your eyes open, the sender sends to the receiver’s left hand, then their right hand. Receiver, how does the energy feel?

Now the game: Receiver, put on a blindfold, or close your eyes. Hold out both hands. Sender, send energy to one of their hands — don’t tell them which one, and don’t touch them, just send energy. Receiver, take your time, feel the energy, and say which hand you feel the energy.

Open your eyes, see how you did. If you got it right, awesome. If you got it wrong, stay there a minute. Notice the sensations in both hands. Was there some sensation in the correct hand that you ignored?

I’ve seen this several times at Energy Dojo: A student expects energy to feel a certain way. Tingles, for example. When they know which hand is receiving energy, that expectation creates a strong sensation. But when they close their eyes, they still feel tingling, but half the time it’s in the wrong hand. Because the tingling was created by their expectations, not by energy.

And with each of those students, it turned out that another, subtler sensation did show up where they received energy. Heat, for example. And each time, once they learned to tune in to that subtle heat sensation, they became able to accurately feel where the energy was going, even with their eyes closed.

But that’s not all: After learning how energy felt, they became more able to build and send energy, as well. They updated their visualizations, representing energy as heat rather than tingling, and everything started working better.

So try it. Get a friend, show them this post, and try sending some energy. Send five times, then switch roles. I’ve learned a ton playing these games, and you probably will too.


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