Starting in the late 1990s, I developed a technique for observing energy. I’ve been expanding and improving it ever since.

That technique is sensory connections. I’ll be discussing them for the next few posts. Today: How I developed the technique, step by step.

Developing Sensory Connections

At first, I’d look at a person, touch a tree, or think about a spirit, and feel their energy. I wasn’t aware of the connection — like so much of my energy was the beginning, the connection happened unconsciously.

As I listened to their energy, I learned to quiet my own energy, making it steady and unchanging. As my energy quieted, I began to notice the pathway that energy followed from me to the person / tree / whatever. I began exploring that pathway, learning to quiet it also. That was my first sensory connection.

Back then, a sensory connection was just a single quiet connection for feeling someone’s energy.

But I had a problem to solve: Spirits would sometimes drain my energy. With a single sensory connection, I could find their connection to me and block it. But some spirits were persistent. Annoyingly so. And I wanted to follow the spirit’s connection back to it, to get it to leave me alone.

I learned to feel my way along the spirit’s connection. Like navigating by touch in total darkness, my first sensory connection would grasp the spirit’s connection, then I’d use a second sensory connection to feel around, find the next inch of the spirit’s connection, grasp it, and repeat, climbing hand-over-hand up the spirit’s connection. This process was slow and conscious the first dozen times, but eventually, this became automatic and unconscious.

In my 20s, I learned to awaken my ethereal muscles (the parts of the mind that drive energy). Part of that was learning to observe, in detail, an entire ethereal muscle. To do that, I adapted the connection-tracing technique to feel around an entire ethereal structure, find its boundaries, notice the subtleties of what it contained. The experience was like feeling an object, blindfolded, and learning its shape by touch. Soon, I was using whole networks of sensory connections to examine large energy structures.

Sensory connections became the basis for my system of healing, but I had a problem: I could see the energy signatures of any part of the body, but I didn’t know what any signature meant. Was this signature from muscle or tendon, healthy or inflamed? Like someone learning a foreign language, knowing each letter but not understanding the words, I could see each signature but couldn’t read their meaning.

For months, I would pick a part of the body, compare its energy to an anatomy text, and slowly learn what each energy signature meant. I started with the thigh, seeing one signature in a thin layer at the surface, a second signature taking up most of the thigh, and a third, less-active signature at the center: Skin, muscle, and bone. Moving to the knee, I saw a new signature between the bones (cartilage), and another new signature running between the muscle and bone (tendon). Up in the head, I learned to recognize nerves.

Working with friends, I learned to recognize how pain and inflammation change the energy of tendons, cartilage, nerves, and other tissues. And rather than channeling one universal energy, I began making precise adjustments to the energy of each tissue, dialing in just the right energy for each person’s body and health.

Sensory connections formed the foundation for everything I do with energy. Next post, I’ll share how they work, and how to start learning them.

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