In 2011, a friend came to me. She’d had hives for 9 months, and despite the best Western medical care, she was getting worse. On most days, her itching was an 8/10. Even putting on a shirt (and having the fabric rub her skin) would cause an outbreak. She had difficulty focusing at work and was miserable even when doing activities she used to enjoy.

After working with me for two months, her itching and outbreaks had stopped:

For the first time in months, I can gently scratch an itch without having bumps form immediately afterward (these bumps would itch ten times worse than the original itch and form on sites all over my body, not just the site I scratched). I cannot express how much of a relief this is.

This article explores our work together, and in particular, how I developed new and improved energy techniques for her.

I started by channeling healing energy into the client’s body, a technique similar to what many energy healers do. For this client, it produced minimal results. Fortunately, I’ve spent years developing other approaches to energy, including techniques to observe the energy of each tissue in a client’s body, which let me understand why a healing technique isn’t working and find ways to get it working.

It turned out, the healing energy was only flowing to her skin, the site of the inflammation. We decided to expand our focus, and include the nerves that transmit the itching sensation from her skin to her brain. I had a healing energy designed to calm nerves, which I applied, and within 15 minutes, her itching dropped from 8/10 to 4/10. The client, a friend, had experience with energy, so I taught her to channel this healing energy, and let her apply it as needed.

In the client’s words, about 6 hours after that first session:

My itching is now down to a 4/10, which is tolerable. [This is] a better outcome than oral antihistamines, Betamethasone (the most powerful topical corticosteriod) and emollients combined. I am now able to focus sufficiently so I can complete simple daily tasks. Yesterday [before the session] I was spending at least half of every hour trying to control the itching/scratch reflex.

Her itching stayed tolerable for two weeks, then she told me it had returned.

A little background for our second healing session: Every system of energy has the concept of an energetic force we can channel. They go by many names: The Universe, a matrix, an egrigore, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and more. My term for these forces is ethereal software. And in our second session, I engaged the ethereal software I use for healing, and got an intuition from that her itching had returned due to a buildup of neurotransmitters. (I can’t say for certain that this intuition was physiologically accurate, but we proceeded assuming it was.)

This part is standard biology: Neurons communicate via chemicals called neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin. One neuron releases the neurotransmitter, and the next one receives it. If there’s a strong, constant signal sent by the neurons (such as an intense itch), and the receiving neuron doesn’t absorb all of the neurotransmitter, you can get a buildup of the neurotransmitter in the gap between the neurons, leading to a more intense signal. The sending neuron will slowly absorb that neurotransmitter (called “reuptake”), but this might not be fast enough to solve the buildup.

I also got an intuition to apply an energy designed to increase neurotransmitter reuptake. I checked with the client, we both thought that sounded like a good idea, and we applied that energy.

The next morning, she woke up almost completely free of hives for the first time in nearly a year. Previously, just getting dressed would cause an outbreak, but this morning she got dressed and even scratched an itch with no outbreak. A few weeks later, she wrote this:

For the first time in months, I can gently scratch an itch without having bumps form immediately afterward (these bumps would itch ten times worse than the original itch and form on sites all over my body, not just the site I scratched). I cannot express how much of a relief this is.

The stimulus to itch in someone with a chronic disorder is heightened above a normal threshold, akin to a the desire a smoker has for a cigarette, and can be overwhelming. The stimulus doesn’t go away; it lasts for 20-30 minutes. Now when I have the desire to itch, I [channel healing energy]. The result is that the itching sensations decrease to a level where I can resist scratching most of the time, thus stopping the feedback loop.

On most days, she told me, her hives were under control with only energy, no pharmaceuticals. But on days when she was extremely stressed or sleep-deprived, she had to use steroid cream along with the energy. So we did one more session.

In this session, we focused on her immune system. I connected to the energy of her skin, found the signature I associate with itching, then found another energy signature next to it, that wasn’t elsewhere: An unusual, highly-active signature, that we believe corrsponded to the white blood cells attacking her skin.

I connected the ethereal software to that unusual signature and asked the ethereal software to decrease that signature throughout her body. And I set it up so the client could regulate that energy, increasing or decreasing it as felt good to her.

For two months after this session, she reported only occasional outbreaks. After that, the outbreaks stopped entirely.

Looking back, she had hives for close to a year. While under Western medical care, she continued to get worse day by day. The standard approach to energy healing did no better. But, by carefully exploring the energy of her body and matching the healing energy precisely to her needs, we were able to develop healing techniques that worked for her. After only a few sessions with me, she experienced a complete recovery from hives, and was able to once again focus on her work and enjoy her life.

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