Every system of energy discusses the forces we channel. They go by many names: The Universe, a matrix, an egrigore, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and more. My term for these forces is ethereal software.

“OK,” my friend says, “but what is ethereal software?”

Ethereal software is external. It’s a tool you use, not part of yourself. For energy healers, it’s the source of the energy. For psychics, it’s the source of the information. It’s connected to the practitioner’s mind and reads their intent, but it’s a tool they use, not part of them.

Ethereal software is complex. I recently developed a healing technique for insomnia, where the ethereal software applies a different energy depending on where the client is in their sleep process. One energy for getting to sleep (triggered when the ethereal software notices a melatonin-related energy signature), another for staying asleep, two more for getting back to sleep (one for when the person is groggy, another for when the energy of their brain is more active). Instead of applying a single energy, the ethereal software recognizes the situation and adapts. And clients are getting great results, including clients with chronic, untreatable insomnia.

Ethereal software is upgradable. That healing technique for sleep I just described? It didn’t exist six months ago. I created it, with the help of spirits I collaborate with. First, we figured out how to recognize the energy of sleep, wakefulness, melatonin, and so on. We figured out which energy to apply in each situation. Then we programmed the ethereal software to recognize those situations and apply those energies, and we tested and debugged it. And now that it’s programmed, the ethereal software can do this healing technique on clients without me having to monitor their sleep myself.

Ethereal software is replaceable. One friend got psychic intuitions for years, but only about who would call her, where to find parking, and other trivial things. She was a nurse, and wanted to know which of her patients would have an emergency on her shift. I helped her connect to different ethereal software, more suited to medical intuitions, and she started knowing which patient would have an emergency, which lab result would be helpful in diagnosis, and more. Like finding the right website for the information you’re seeking, she needed the right ethereal software for her intuitions.

I’ll close with the technical answer: Ethereal software is an ethereal structure. That means it’s made of the same sort of stuff as biofield energy, rather than ordinary atom-based matter you can touch (that’s the “ethereal” part). And it’s stable and lasting, a solid form of energy-stuff rather than the flowing energy we guide around our bodies (that’s the “structure” part). You might already use ethereal structures, such as making a stable, lasting connection to someone — this is just a larger, more complex structure.

Note: These forces go by many names: The Universe, a matrix, an egrigore, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and more. Each term comes with its own explanation of what it is and how it works. I chose to use my own term because I wanted the freedom to observe and test how these forces work, and develop as accurate and detailed an understanding as I could, without being tied to any one school of thought. As with all my work, I’m constantly testing and refining this understanding, and some details may change in the future.

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