Manifesting is about creating luck. But what sort of luck? Clear manifesting creates the lucky events you want. Unclear manifesting can lead to unexpected outcomes that doesn’t actually help you.

Let’s start with manifesting in general. Effective manifesting has three components:

  • A good force to channel (whether you call this force a matrix, The Universe, an Egregore, the collective unconscious, or my term, ethereal software)
  • Clear communication with that force
  • Knowing how to phrase your request

This post focuses on the second item: Clear communication with that force. These techniques apply to any situation where you’re communicating mentally, including psychic intuitions, channeling energy healing, talking with spirits, and more. But I’m using manifesting as the example in this post.

(What about the other two items? You can get ethereal software from any class taught by someone skilled with channeling these forces. I’m teaching a class in Berkeley in April, and have online classes planned later this year. As for what to ask, good starting points are, “Cause me to be successful at X,” and, “Guide me in thinking about X,” then planning how to accomplish your goals while tuning in to your intuitions. Also, avoid negatives when specifying your goal — imagine there’s static on the line and a few of your words might not get through, and craft a request that still works.)

On to clear communication. Let’s start with how this communication works. How does a thought in my brain turn into a message for these forces? Here’s my answer, which has led me to advanced techniques that produce good results:

As nerves fire, they create a small, short-lived energy field. As I think my message, nerves fire in my brain, creating an energy field corresponding to that concept. In more advanced communication techniques, I’ll stabilize that energy field, package it up, and send it to the ethereal software. But before learning those techniques, I simply let the ethereal software read that energy field as I thought my message.

Receiving a message is the reverse: The ethereal software sends me energy signatures. When I turn those signatures into an energy field in my brain, the message comes into my thoughts with a force and a tone that my own thoughts don’t normally have. As with sending, before I learned to turn those signatures into an energy field, the ethereal software did that work for me, creating an energy field in my brain to send its reply.

Now that we have that model, here are the first two techniques I teach students for clearer communication with ethereal software:

1. Notice which parts of your mind the ethereal software connects to. If you often receive intuitions, think about how that feels, where in your mind it lands. If not, just connect to the ethereal software and feel its energy. Where in your mind do you first feel it? This is the part of your mind the ethereal software wants to communicate with, where it wants to read the messages. Practice engaging that part of your mind. Engage it each time you want to send a request or instruction to the ethereal software. Keep it engaged (but relaxed) while you receive its reply. Get used to keeping this part of your mind engaged as you think, and you’ll find communication clearer and easier.

2. Boost the signal. The signal is the energy signatures produced by the nerves in your brain. These signatures can be absorbed by other tissue and energetic structures in your brain and head, dampening the signal. To prevent that, build a bit of energy in your body, move it to your head, and hold it steady. Now that the other tissue and energetic structures have plenty of energy (now that they’re saturated), they won’t absorb the signal, and it’s easier for the ethereal software to read.

This applies to replies, as well: To send a reply, the ethereal software makes an energy field in your brain. Other tissue and energetic structures can absorb that energy field, too. By holding energy in your head, the ethereal software can deliver that energy field more clearly and easily.

But there’s a catch: The energy has to be quiet, steady, and unchanging. If it is not, if the energy is moving and changing, it can drown out the signal and make communication less clear than simply not having extra energy at all. To learn to hold energy steady, see the step-by-step energy basics.

So remember: Use a small amount of energy. Keep it quiet and steady. Engage the parts of the mind that the ethereal software wants to work with. Then ask for what you want.

I cover all this and more in my Healing Lab Energy Basics classes. Next in-person class is April 28, 1-4pm. Online classes coming this summer.

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