In 2015, I realized the power of energy healing.

I had been exploring energy for more than twenty years. Friends had experienced amazing results: Chronic hives disappearing overnight, joint pain dropping from 8/10 to 3/10. But it wasn’t until I was caring for a friend with stage 4 metastatic cancer that I saw what energy could do, if only we understood it.

After working with her pain and insomnia, I turned my attention to the cancer cells themselves. Could we use energy healing to get her immune system to attack the cancer? My friend, a nurse, worked with me to develop a technique. We tried it. And her immune system did respond. But after two rounds of chemo, her body was too weak to handle the immune response, and we had to turn off the energy. She died two months later.

I mourned. But I also saw what energy could do, if only we understood how to harness it, if only we could collaborate with doctors and other medical professionals.

I knew what it would take to develop that understanding, too: Moving beyond subjectively feeling energy, into observing objective results. Making sure the results were from energy, not expectation or imagination.

But I was afraid. What if nothing worked? Would that mean that this was all placebo, that I’d wasted twenty years exploring energy?

For two years, I wrestled with that resistance, unable to turn away from my calling to understand energy, but unwilling to risk discovering I was wrong. And through it all, friends kept getting great results from my healing work. One friend with chronic insomnia went from sleeping 3-4 hours a night, to sleeping 6-7. Another had psoriasis for decades, and the psoriasis disappeared, and together, we started testing my energy techniques, and I started Energy Dojo.

Playing these energy games has let me strengthen and hone my energy techniques. It’s let me test different types of energy, knowing that the results I was getting were from the energy alone (not from my friend expecting to feel something). Through that testing, I’ve learned that one key to making energy easier to feel is aligning its signature to the receiver’s nerves, which has led me to better techniques for working with nerves that I now use with clients with chronic pain. These energy games have let me develop my energy fundamentals, getting better results from my healing work, psychic and manifesting work, erotic energy, and everything else I do with energy. And I’m so excited to share them with you.

Longtime readers know I often write as I figure out how to explain a new idea. This is my new introduction to Energy Dojo, and the real reason behind Healing Lab: Energy is already helping people, but it could do so much more if only we understood it. I’m teaching myself to lead with that whenever I discuss energy, and the first step of that is to write about it.

In-person Energy Dojo is the second Saturday of every month in Berkeley. (Calendar and tickets.) Online Energy Dojo is coming this summer.

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