This weekend I’m teaching my first full-day energy class. I tell myself I feel excited, but really, it’s closer to anxious. Uncomfortable. I’m deep in imposter syndrome.

It occurs to me: Whatever I’m most resistant to, that’s usually the project I most need to do.

This was true of testing my energy techniques: Deeply resistant at first. Did it anyway. Developed better techniques, came to love testing, and it’s become core to my brand as a healer and teacher.

It was true of leaving my corporate job: Deeply afraid of the uncertainty. But consulting part-time has given me the freedom to study energy and start Healing Lab.

Resistance is an internal tension. One part of me finds an idea intimidating. But another part of me knows that the idea is critical to my path. Resistance is the conflict between these two parts.

It turns out: Those parts that identify the critical next step on my path, they’re good at it. They know what’s important. And one way I’m learning to listen to them is by seeking whatever I’m resistant to, doing it anyway, and trusting that it’s important.

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