In the early 2000s, working with a friend with chronic knee pain, I began developing a new approach to energy healing. I observed the difference between the energy of their inflamed cartilage vs my healthy cartilage, their ligaments vs my ligaments, their tendons vs my tendons. I learned to recognize the energy emitted by inflamed tissue, how it was different from the energy of healthy tissue, and learned which adjustments to make to their energy. And my friend got improved, experiencing less knee pain, and even resumed running after years of being unable to run due to the pain.

This became my general approach to energy healing: Observe the energy of all the tissues involved in a condition. Design an energy adjustment specific to that person, their conditions, their unique body and energy. It’s gotten great results for people with arthritis, psoriasis, hives, insomnia, and more.

But it’s slow, focused work. As my healing practice grows, I’m realizing the need for a simple, widely-applicable healing energy that I can use with groups, teach to novices, and quickly apply to any areas of a client’s body that have moderate aches and pains. A default energy for situations where a precise technique is too slow.

This default healing energy energy will be a combination of three healing techniques, which I’ll share in this post.

The first component is easy. After years of working with inflamed joints, skin, and nerves, I had a good energy for inflamed tissue. This serves as a good starting point.

The second component came to me through some luck. I’ve never done much with muscle tension and spasm — I always figured a massage therapist could help more than energy could. But a couple months ago, seeing a client about back pain and talking with the spirits who help me develop healing techniques, one of those spirits recommended an energy for their muscles. I tried that energy with that client, with myself, with other friends and clients since. We’ve all experienced a subtle relaxation, different than a massage, but helpful, feeling less pain in the tight muscles, and sometimes increased range of motion. That energy is the second component of my default healing energy.

The third component has taken more work. For years, I’ve worked with nerves that signal itching and pain, applying an energy intended to reduce the itch / pain signal. Clients have reported good results: One with hives experienced her itch dropping from 8/10 to 4/10, one with arthritis experienced her pain dropping from 7/10 to 3/10, and many more. But I’ve always applied this energy carefully, targeting only the nerves signaling pain or itch. I’d worry about side-effects if we use it on a person’s entire body.

Before going on, a little background: Every system of energy has the concept of a larger force we connect to and channel. It goes by many names: The Universe, a matrix, an egrigore, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and more. My term is ethereal software, to suggest we can understand how they work and develop better versions. Which is exactly what I did here.

Working with spirits who are experts at ethereal software, I showed them the energy signature of nerves that chronically signal pain. They taught the ethereal software to search a person’s body for that chronic-pain energy signature, and to apply the healing energy to only those nerves. Then I channeled that healing energy, verifying it was targeting the same nerves as I would have done myself, and using the same energy.

With that, I had the three components of my default healing energy: One for inflamed tissue, one for muscle tension and spasm, and one for nerves chronically signaling pain. An easy-to-use healing techniques, for groups, applying to a whole body, or use by novices. I’m excited to share it.

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