In 2014, I realized something: I’d been exploring energy for more than two decades, felt it every day, even had techniques for observing it. But like wine tasters fooled by cheap wine in a fancy bottle, I couldn’t be sure when I was feeling energy and when I was expecting to feel energy.

Friends had the same experience: They’d take classes, learn a visualization, and feel… something. Was it energy? They wanted to believe it was, but they couldn’t be sure.

We wanted to test our energy techniques, but there was no one to guide us. We felt such resistance. What if nothing worked? Would that mean the skeptics were right, that this was all just imagination?

But slowly, we began testing. With one friend, I wore a blindfold while she randomly sent energy to different areas of my body. That day, I had 100% accuracy, then we switched roles and she had 100% accuracy too. We were excited and relieved, and the resistance began to evaporate.

A year later, I worked with readers of my blog to test a distance technique. This one didn’t work, but nothing bad happened, no skeptics jumped out from behind my sofa yelling, “I told you so.” I saw I was safe, and the resistance dissipated further.

Over time, these tests became games. I incorporated them into my regular practice, and they’ve taught me so much. I discovered that the type of energy I was using was hard for people to feel, and I tested different energy signatures, learning which energies are more obvious. I made more intense energy, tested it, found that some people got headaches, and dialed it back. Through it all, these games were my guide, showing me each misstep and verifying each success. And it’s lead to better results in my healing practice and other energy work.

This year, I’m testing and refining my techniques for observing energy. Not just feeling energy, but seeing the details, the energy signature of each tissue in the body, the differences between the forces we channel, and more.

It turns out, most energy techniques are easy to turn into games that give real feedback, showing what’s energy and what’s expectation. It was only my own resistance that kept me from seeing that earlier. That’s why I’m sharing this with you: Because once you start playing with energy techniques, testing and refining them, you’ll figure out new games to play, explore new techniques for using energy, and share those discoveries with me and everyone else.

Ready to play energy games? Grab a friend, even if they’ve never used energy. I share everything you need in these blog posts.

And starting in March, I’ll be offering Energy Dojo Online. You sign up with a friend, I teach the games via video call, you play the games with your friend, and I coach you through learning the energy techniques. No experience necessary, just curiosity and enthusiasm. So start thinking about who you might enjoy playing energy games with. Details coming soon.

(If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, come to an in-person Energy Dojo, second Saturday of every month. For details, sign up for posts by email below, and check the box for “Include Mike’s San Francisco Events.” If you already get posts by email, just reply to this email and ask for Energy Dojo in person.)

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