This energy I work with, what is it exactly?

It seems that living cells emit this subtle energy. Depending on their state (healthy, inflamed, infected, etc), they emit a different type, or signature, of energy.

The idea behind biofield healing is that, by adjusting the signature of the energy, it can feed back and influence the cells. I think of it as accelerating or inhibiting cellular processes.

A great deal of my work focuses on observing energy precisely. While most practitioners can feel energy of chakras or regions of the body, I’ve developed techniques to sense the energy signature of individual tissues, allowing me to map a person’s energy precisely. I use that map to dial in the right healing energy for each person I work with. Why? Because there’s a profound difference between getting an energy signature almost right and getting it just right — kind of like the difference between getting almost the right medication and getting it just right.

Part of Healing Lab’s mission is to get biologists, chemists, and physicists researching biofield energy, so we can develop a deeper understanding of what it is. But for now, know that living cells seem to produce biofield energy, that it’s something we all respond to, and something anyone can learn to use. A natural part of being alive.

Notes: The term biofield also includes electromagnetic fields around the body, gas emissions of cells, and other phenomena. My focus is on subtle energy, so I often omit those other phenomena when discussing the biofield. Also, note that all of this is my best understanding as a practitioner and researcher, and none of it is yet established science.

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