For weeks, I’ve been strengthening new ethereal muscles. Eventually, this work will improve all my energy techniques. But for now, I practice for an hour, then my mind is too exhausted to even write well.

It’s been a slow month.

It’s tempting to focus on speed. The number of tasks completed, the number of hours worked. Write advertisements, promote events, do the dozen not-exhausting tasks that are very much worth doing. Check them off the list. That feels like progress.

But I remind myself: Focus on direction, not speed. The #1 task isn’t marketing, it’s product: Better healing techniques. Which is a long, winding path involving better sensory connections for observing energy, stronger ethereal muscles to shift the energy, and a great deal more. Like climbing a mountain, it’s slow, tiring work. But it’s the task that matters, and it cannot be rushed.

I feel guilty sometimes. Like it would be more virtuous to work continuously on smaller tasks, rather than tackling a big project then collapsing.

And I remind myself: Don’t mistake action for progress. Your goal is to climb the mountain, not to move quickly along flat ground.

Do the important task, even if it’s slow.

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