I felt such resistance when I began testing my energy techniques. Despite all the successful healing sessions I’d done, I still doubted my skill, and occasionally doubted that energy was real. I feared the strength those doubts would draw from a failed test.

As I begin testing my next technique, I notice: Testing feels light and exciting.

This year I’m working on one of my most important techniques: Sensory connections. This is the technique I use to observe the energy of each tissue in the body, to observe the pathways energy follows, to observe ethereal muscles and ethereal software and everything else. I’ve used and developed sensory connections for close to two decades, but I’ve never tested it rigorously.

Before, this testing would have filled me with fear. Such a fundamental technique, used in all my work — if it’s not as accurate and reliable as I think, where will my doubts spring up next?

But now, I’m excited. Such a fundamental technique, used in all my work — if I can fix the places it’s less accurate and reliable than I would like, all my work will improve, and I’ll be able to explore energy even more deeply.

Same reality, different experience. What changed?

A year of testing. Showing up every month at Energy Dojo, testing techniques, seeing them improve for myself and my students, realizing that “not working” would be more accurately described as “not working yet.”

I’ll post about this work as I do it. But for today: Start testing your techniques, with blinding and placebo controls and other tools of science. Build confidence in the techniques that work. Find out what’s not working, and fix it. And if you feel resistance, listen to it, process it, but then do the work anyway.

The best time to start testing your techniques was twenty years ago. But the second best time is now.

Not sure how to test your techniques? Start with this game from Energy Dojo.

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