Have you ever played with energy, felt tingling or heat or some other sensation, but wondered, “Am I feeling energy, or just imagining energy?”

It’s not an idle question. To master energy healing, manifesting, ritual magick, tantra, and other energy practices, a person needs to reliably build, move, and feel energy. So how can we know we’re really feeling energy, not imagining it?

For the last year, I’ve been teaching energy games that solve that exact problem. And in that time, I’ve learned how truly universal these energy fundamentals are:

Some people come in for their first energy class. We do an energy meditation, and they feel tingling. Then we play the games, and they get zero results, because they imagined the tingling, and they’re not yet engaging their energy. But we adjust their technique, try different approaches, and soon enough, they’re getting real results. And I think, if they’d gone to an energy class that only asked you to feel tingling, would they ever have learned to engage their energy?

Then there are experienced practitioners. They usually find holes in their skills, places to improve. One woman with decades of experience was amazing at sending energy, but when she received, she couldn’t tell where in her body the energy was being sent. After a few months, she was getting 80% accuracy receiving, and now that skill is strengthening her other energy practices. Another woman with years of energy training said that, for the first time in her life, she’s really feeling energy. And for me, I’ve developed new techniques for sending and receiving energy, adopted a results-focused approach to all my practice, and I’m seeing huge improvements.

It turns out that everyone, from novice to experienced practitioner, benefits from getting real-world feedback.

Today, I want to share one of the games we play at Energy Dojo, that you can play at home with a friend.

(To learn the energy skills for these games, see this guide.)

There’s a common exercise where one person builds energy, sends it to the friend, and makes sure the friend feels the energy. Problem is, the friend is watching and knows exactly what they should feel, so how can we know they’re really feeling energy?

Here’s how we solve this problem:

The receiver wears a blindfold, or just closes their eyes, and holds out both hands. The sender sends to one of their hands — don’t tell them which one, and don’t touch them, just send energy and get them to feel it. Receiver, take your time, feel the energy, and say which hand you think it is before opening your eyes.

Any one instance might be luck, but do it 5-10 times and the result is obvious.

This game teaches how to build and send energy, and for the receiver, how to quiet and listen for energy. Think of it like soccer practice: Show up, have fun, learn something, and don’t worry if you’re not perfect the first time. Just keep practicing, put in the time, and you’ll get it.

A few tips:

As the sender, take a minute to build energy in your body. Really get it flowing before sending it. Also, flip a coin, a pen, or anything else to randomize which hand you’re sending to — that way, the sender won’t try to guess or anticipate what you’re doing, and it actually becomes easier.

As the receiver, focus on quieting your own energy. Don’t reach for your partner’s energy, just let them send to you, and focus on quieting and listening. Also, before closing your eyes, learn how your partner’s energy feels: Have them send energy first to one hand, then to the other, and notice the sensations while you know which hand is receiving. Different peoples’ energy feels different, so learn how this person’s energy feels before closing your eyes.

Have fun with energy games, and leave a comment telling us about your experience!

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