I have some big plans for next year: Videos, podcasts, in-depth classes (in-person and online), and new ways for you to get involved. Here’s what’s coming in 2018.


I’m building a community of results-focused energy workers. This began with in-person Energy Geek playshops this year. In 2018, I want to offer more — more depth, and more access for people who live far away.

Energy Geek Online: I’ve learned so much playing energy games. Next year, I want to share these games with everyone, no matter where you live. Here’s how it works: Sign up with a friend. Both of you learn the energy techniques from me, then you play energy games together, with guidance and Q+A fro me. Don’t have experienced energy worker friends? Totally fine — I teach everything newcomers need to play these games. And for more experienced energy workers, I also teach intermediate techniques you won’t get in most classes.

Energy Intensive: Next year, I’ll offer three Energy Intensive classes, one on energy healing, one on psychic intuitions, and one on erotic energy. Aimed at beginner to intermediate practitioners, we’ll start with energy basics (including techniques not discussed in most classes), play energy games to build skill and strength, then apply those skills to energy healing, psychic intuitions, or erotic energy. Both in-person and online.

Healing Lab Level 1: A 9-month course teaching the first level of all the energy techniques I use. If you want to learn to do what I do, this is the place to start. The focus will be energy healing, but it’ll cover psychic intuitions, shielding, communication with spirits and ethereal software, and everything else I discuss here. I’ll offer both in-person and online versions, starting September 2018.

As I teach that 9-month class, I’ll also write a workbook. It’s less ambitious than the book I set out to write a few years ago, but I think a smaller scope will allow me to actually finish a useful book for you.

One more item: Want to be the first one to test out new energy games and lessons with me? I’ll also be offering a beta tester program, where you get early access to my new offerings each month. It’s not for everyone, but if you’d like to explore energy with me, this is the class for you.

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Video + Podcast

I’m trying something new: Instead of four written posts each month, I’ll be doing two written posts, one video, and one podcast. The video will generally be shorter, focused on ideas that inspire me. The podcast will be longer, a more in-depth discussion of some ideas I touch on in written posts. Stay tuned for details.


Patreon is a way for fans to support creators, and connect with us and our work more. It’ll be totally optional — most of my work will still be available free, right here.

But if you want to be involved in helping me create my writing, classes, and more, Patreon is the place for you. Want to suggest post topics, and vote on which topic I write about? Want to ask questions on my podcast? Want to help beta test new energy games? Patreon is the place for all that.

The money will go back into this work, allowing me to hire a video editor, an artist for book art and technical illustrations, freeing up time to interview energy healing researchers, and other investments that will create a better experience for everyone, whether they contribute financially or not.

Details coming soon. I’ll be reaching out to a few friends in the coming weeks, to get feedback on it, so if you’re excited about this and know you want to support me, send me an email and I’ll give you early access too.

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