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Group classes for every level.

Learn new energy techniques, meet like-minded energy explorers.


Accelerate your learning.

One-on-one coaching to help you master any energy technique.


Got pain, insomnia, auto-immune or other conditions?

Healing sessions with a money-back guarantee. In-person and at distance.

Energy Classes

Learn groundbreaking energy techniques from Mike Sententia. Connect with other energy explorers, and deepen your understanding of energy.

Group classes for every level, starting at $20.

All classes are hands-on. Expect to learn practical energy techniques you can use in your day-to-day life.

Classes are offered in-person (in Berkeley, CA) and online (coming soon). Offerings:

Energy Dojo: Play games to master the fundamental skills of energy, and learn healing techniques. All levels — Excellent start for novices. For experienced energy workers, these games are an amazing way to take your skills to the next level.

Energy Basics: Learn energy healing, manifesting, and psychic intuitions, along with fundamental skills like channeling ethereal software. For beginning to intermediate energy workers.

Sententia Energetics Professional Training: Deep-dive energy exploration. Start or expand your healing practice in this year-long course. In-person starts September 2018, online starts in 2019.

(Links go to my professional site, Healing Lab.)

About the Classes | Full Calendar | Calendar of online classes (coming soon)

One-on-One Coaching

Accelerate your path to energy mastery.

With one-on-one lessons, you set the curriculum and the pace. Mike will answer your questions and guide you through the energy techniques you want to learn.

In coaching sessions, Mike will connect to you (in person or at distance), watch how you use energy, and guide you through each technique.

Coaching is 175/hr, and is available in-person in Berkeley, CA, or remotely by phone or video call.

For more information or to request a session, contact Mike.

Healing Sessions

Mike helps people overcome pain, insomnia, auto-immune conditions, and more.

For in-person sessions, you’ll sit or lie comfortably, fully clothed, while Mike lightly touches (or hovers a hand over) your body. For distance sessions, you’ll talk with Mike over phone or video call. He’ll connect to you, observe your energy field, discuss adjustments with you, then use his unique techniques to precisely, deeply shift your energy. Some people feel warmth or tingling when I do this adjustment, others feel nothing at all.

His healing techniques are safe to use in combination with Western medicine, pharmaceuticals, and other methods of health care and healing.

When you’re ready, the next step is a free 30-minute call to discuss your health and goals, and to make sure my healing techniques are a great match for you.

Use my professional site, Healing Lab, to schedule your free initial consultation.


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