How to sense an energetic connection

Energetic connections are like a healer’s hands. Connections let us observe energy in the body, and let us direct our healing energy to the tissue that needs it.

This post covers how to notice a person’s connection to you. You can use this to:

  • Start tracing a connection back to whoever made it. (That’s next post.)
  • Help a friend practice with connections, letting them know when they’ve made one.
  • In the rare occasions when a spirit drains your energy, the first step to stopping it is to notice the connection.

To practice these techniques, you’ll need a friend who knows how to make connections.

This post builds on making a connection and sensory connections.

Sensing an Energetic Connection

Step 1: Receive a Connection

Get together with your friend. Pick where in your body you want to receive a connection.

Your friend holds their hand a few inches away from that spot and makes a connection to you. They don’t send energy, just make the connection.

(They should make a normal connection, not a sensory connection. Sensory connections are quiet, which makes them harder to notice.)

Step 2: Quiet Your Energy

To feel our friend’s energy, we must quiet our own energy. Same with connections: To feel the impact that a connection has on our energy body, we must quiet our own energy.

Quiet your energy, specifically in the location where your friend is making the connection. The connection will feel quite similar to energy. Try to feel it, like you felt for energy in the first game.

Step 3: Connect to Their Connection

To really feel their connection, you’ll use your own sensory connection.

Create a sensory connection to that location in your body. You can imagine the sensory connection coming from your hand, your head, or anywhere it makes sense in your visualization.

Move your sensory connection around the area. When it touches their connection, you’ll feel it catch or land. Learn to recognize this feeling — it will be important later.

Practice noticing your friend’s connection a few times. When it’s comfortable, you’re ready for a game. (Coming soon.)

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