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“Energy healing will drive

the next scientific revolution.”

– Mike Sententia, energy healer and researcher

The Vision

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Every few generations, humanity discovers a phenomenon that’s missing from the science of the day. In the 17th century, we observed single-cell organisms for the first time, which led to vaccines, antibiotics, and modern medicine. In the 18th century, we discovered oxygen’s role in combustion, leading to chemistry and modern transportation. In the 20th century, we unraveled quantum physics, which has already led to transistors and computers. The modern world was built by exploring these anomalies.

Today, the anomaly is biofield energy. It’s not yet understood by physics, but there’s mounting evidence that it affects humans, cells in a Petri dish, plants, even inanimate matter. Placebo-controlled trials show its impact on people with pain and other conditions. In my own work, I’ve seen how understanding this energy leads to better healing techniques for people with conditions like hives, psoriasis, and cancer.

But beyond healing: Understanding how biofield energy interacts with cells and atoms will lead to breakthroughs in biology, chemistry, and physics, and the next generation of technology.

Biofield energy will drive the next scientific revolution.


For over 25 years, I’ve been exploring biofield energy as a natural phenomenon, rather than a mystical one. In that time, I’ve gotten a master’s degree in computer science, worked at Sandia National Labs, built a software consulting practice, and ultimately left the tech world to pursue energy healing and biofield research full time.

This blog is for energy practitioners, explorers, and researchers. If you’re new here, the best place to get started is with [overview post coming soon].

I also offer healing sessions for people with pain, insomnia, cancer, autoimmune conditions, and more, both in the San Francisco Bay Area and online. I offer a money-back guarantee — I’m the only healer I know who does. For info and details, visit my client site, Healing Lab.

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